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The next hybrid label evolution in the digital age

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Introducing digital impact hybrid label printing

Hybrid labels combine digital and flexographic printing. The introduction of digital eliminates the need for plates, anilox rolls and screens which means lower tooling costs. This hybrid printing approach boasts a significant reduction in print defects like dot dipping, color transfer and flecks.

With conventional digital and flexographic printing, hot stamp foils have limited selections, long turnaround times, high minimum orders and require costly hot stamp dies. Hybrid silver cold foil achieves custom foil colors with faster turnaround times.


Our hybrid label capabilities

All the benefits of traditional digital printing, with much more. Bring your labels to life with bright, crisp graphics, eye-popping color and glossy inks.

Quicker turnaround

Fewer plates, little make-ready and inline decoration mean quicker turnaround times and speed to market

Any run length

Try new and different product line extensions without incurring the cost of platemaking 

High-end design

Knockouts, small type, vignettes, blends, and raised, glossy ink can elevate graphics quality

Dynamic supply chain 

Replenishing your inventory is much faster and more economical

Variability and versioning

Offer greater product availability, more options, and faster product delivery with variable printing

Registration and resolution

Get the full color gamut available with traditional digital printing

Unique embellishments

Choose from a range of cold foil embellishments

Quality assured

Hybrid labels have passed internal and third-party durability, longevity and adhesion tests


Reduces pre-press materials, solvents and plates to landfill

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