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Label coating, varnishes and lamination

Embellish and protect with varnishes, UV coatings and lamination

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Protect your labels and look good doing it

There’s a lot to consider when developing your labels and packaging. What label design will attract your desired customers? How important is facestock protection? And of course, what works with your budget? Don’t fall back on a one-size-fits-all topcoat. Combine coatings and embellishments (like embossing and foiling) to create a unique look and feel that sets your brand apart.

You can choose from a wide selection of coating options. Work with our experts to design custom labels that catch the eye and keep you top-of-mind.


Protective and decorative label coatings

Accentuate your labels with varnishes, coatings and lamination. These decorations also help keep your facestock safe and dry. Varnish and color combinations can be difficult to execute. For example, some matte varnish treatments can dull your black colors, while a gloss-varnish application can make rich black areas even darker.  Partner with an expert to avoid costly embellishment pitfalls that put your brand at risk. We’ll make sure it’s done right the first time.


Varnishes are liquid coatings. Flood varnishes cover the entire label for increased protection. Spot varnishes are applied to specific areas to offer visual contrast. They are available in matte, satin matte, satin and gloss finishes, but a subtler range is possible. Some varnishes are purely protective and create little visual difference. Use tactile varnishes to enrich customer experience, such as a sandpaper or slick gloss feel. Combining tactile and other coating effects is a unique way to differentiate your packaging.

UV coatings

Create stronger, shinier labels by curing your coating with ultraviolet light. Use them for spot-varnish applications to put a spotlight on the best elements of your design.


Self-wound laminates offer the most moisture and abrasion protection, available in matte and gloss finishes. They’re strong enough to withstand products containing chemical ingredients and oils. But laminates cover the label in a smooth surface, so they won’t work if you like the rich texture of linen or estate paper. Need help matching your look and feel with the right label embellishment? We’re here to help.


Explore more capabilities

Access the capabilities of a national label provider with the care and attention of a local partner. Work with design and embellishment experts to create labels shoppers will want to take home. If you have more solutions in mind, explore additional label design and strategy information.