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Innovative medical device label solutions

Create compliant, durable medical device labels.

Working with us

Customize a label manufacturing solution for your medical device

Medical devices are held to a high standard and are regulated by stringent governmental and independent standards. Medical device labeling, likewise, is a strictly regulated process.

Resource Label Group customizes design, construction and manufacturing process solutions for medical device labels that abide by all industry regulations. We follow meticulous quality management processes to ensure each label we produce is made to your exact specifications using current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs).

We know how important traceability and documentation is in the medical industry. Using our robust ERP system, we are able to collect all data you require, offering you complete traceability into all raw materials we use and each label we produce.


No two medical devices are the same

That’s why you need to choose a medical device labeling manufacturer that is able to configure their manufacturing process to your specific requirements, meeting your exact specifications every time for every label.

Resource Label Group has a state-of-the-art facility equipped with the latest printing, manufacturing and inventory management features. We’ll work with you to determine the label construction and manufacturing process that best works for your device, while meeting all industry regulations for label manufacturing.

It’s important to first work with regulatory agencies to determine what information and features need to be included on your label. With your approved design in hand, we’ll begin designing a label construction that meets those specifications. During the product and process development stage, we’ll test and verify possible solutions that meet your security, performance and regulatory requirements.

Using our full suite of label printing and manufacturing capabilities, we are able to design and execute a label construction for even the most complex medical devices.

Smart labels

NFC labels have the potential to transform customer experiences.

NFC labels are labels equipped with an NFC chip, enabling secure, two-way communication between the label and an NFC-ready smartphone.

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Extended content labels (ECLs)

Extended content labels are designed to increase packaging space to convey in-depth information.

If you’ve ever seen a bottle or a package with a label that folds or pops out, then you’ve seen at least one type of extended content label. The many different types of extended content labels (ECLs) can solve a variety of communication challenges on packaging.

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Piggyback labels

Piggyback labels are comprised of two layers, one which can be removed from the packaging and one which can’t.

These labels offer twice the space on your label for communicating regulatory and promotional information.

Security and tamper-proof features

Tamper-evident labels are a key solution to providing added security and authentication to products.

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Tamper-evident labels are a unique market that not every label manufacturer wants to specialize in. We work with you to produce labels that combine aesthetics and functionality using our expertise and exceptional equipment.

Warning areas

Safety and warning labels are a necessity for keeping consumers aware of any dangerous situations that may arise.

Learn more about safety and warning labels here.

The major benefit of a safety and warning label from Resource Label Group is our ability to construct a long-lasting label specific your application

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RFID labels are a useful tool for tagging and tracking products, monitoring inventories and handling other applications.

Learn more about RFID labels.

Similar to the way bar codes collect and send data with a visual scan, RFID technology uses radio waves to collect and send information, but it doesn’t require a line of sight between a label and a scanning device.

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Indicators can be activated by temperature or light.

Indicators provide additional safety and usage information to your products.

Micro text, holographic images and specialty foils for anti-counterfeit protection

Holograms, specialty foils, specialty inks and other complicated builds are difficult to replicate.

You need an anti-counterfeiting partner with discretion, thoughtful consultations — and the labeling capabilities to back it up. We’re prepared to deliver on all three fronts.

QR codes

QR codes direct to a URL with a simple smartphone camera scan.

QR codes and smart labels allow for immediate, item-level authentication by warehouse personnel, retail workers and consumers.

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We offer complete compliance

With medical device labeling, it’s not only the design that counts. The manufacturing process used to create the end product is just as important. Medical device label manufacturers must follow stringent quality-management guidelines to ensure each label is made to its exact specifications.

Quality management

Our manufacturing process gives you the documentation and data you need to meet regulatory compliance.

ERP system

We provide complete traceability and chain-of-custody documentation for every material.

Current Good Manufacturing Principles (cGMPs)

We abide by cGMPs to ensure medical device labels align with approved specifications.

International Standards Organization (ISO) 13485 certification

Our facility and quality management processes have been independently audited and verified.

High-quality labels

We take great care to prevent mistakes, ensure quality and deliver an effective, easy-to-use product.

Dedicated service

We create labels that meet regulatory requirements and deliver quality to the end user — patients.

Extended content (ECL) label guide cover

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A guide to extended content labels