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Flexographic labels are a highly versatile label solution that can be applied on nearly all packages. They can be printed on a wide variety of materials, including metal films, plastics and papers. You can find flexographic labels on just about any type of product.

They’re widely used for a variety of consumer package goods because they’re economical with large runs, they can be printed on non-porous materials, and they’re great for printing large areas of a solid color. Their versatility makes them a good option for tags, flexible packaging and pouches.

If you need large quantities of labels ASAP, flexographic presses can achieve quick line speeds because the labels are fed in using rolls. Particularly for large orders on short lead times, they’re a great value. Since flexographic label printing allows inline combination printing with other processes, such as embossing, we can integrate a high degree of design flexibility. If you want a no-label look, a tactile feel or simply an eye-catching appearance, flexographic labels make it possible.


Our flexographic label printing capabilities

We offer a wide range of flexographic label solutions.

Any finish

Select UV flexographic, water-based flexographic, rotary screen, rotary letterpress and foil labels

50+ presses

Run prints up to 18-inches wide — large enough for the biggest containers

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Print in up to 14 colors to achieve any color combination

Specialty enhancements

Want a textured feel or a scented label? Our tactile labels and scented inks make it possible

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We guide you from design to delivery and help you select the best label — whether you need a flexographic label or any other kind of pressure-sensitive label

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