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Print batches of labels with individual content changes

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Variable label printing

Variable label printing enables us to print large quantities of labels while changing elements of the content on an individual level. At Resource Label Group, we’re able to print the content changes without stoppage or a slowing of the printing process.

Any market can benefit from variable printing, but the capability is commonly used for game pieces such as sweepstakes and scratch-off labels along with direct mail advertisements. A distinct advantage of variable printing is the ability to personalized each printed product with a different name, address or message. Companies can send printed materials directed at each of their target customers, providing direct contact with a sense of exclusivity.


What kind of printing options are available for variable label printing?

The possibilities are nearly endless for variable data printing. Incorporating variable data into your printed materials isn’t just good practice, it’s also an effective way to reach targeted individuals such as potential customers, current customers, employees and more. Some of the possibilities of variable printing include:

  • Store-specific promotional materials
  • Internal instructional materials
  • Personalized URLs and QR codes
  • Multiple languages
  • Barcoding
  • Names and mailing addresses
  • Graphics and messaging
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