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Precise detail, vibrant color intensity and stunning text clarity

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Screen print labels

Screen or rotary screen-print labels are a flexible way to help many products come to life on the shelves. Screen printing is a technique that involves applying a mesh pattern to a product surface, then pressing or pumping ink through the mesh openings and onto the product to produce the image.

You can find screen-print labels on a wide variety of packaging, OEM products and bottles. Many brands, particularly those with glass bottled products, use them to create a stunning, no-label look.


Why screen print labels?

Screen print labels provide a number of great advantages that make for dynamic labels.


Hold up well even outdoors, with no bubbling or peeling

High quality

Provide a high degree of area coverage with precise detail and strong color intensity


Provide clear text definition and work in conjunction with a range of inks, adhesives, glitters, chrome and backlit products

No-label look

A cost-effective way to create a unique, no-label look

Tactile and textured

Create a clear visual focus for shoppers as they scan your product for information

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