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Membrane Switches

Using our screen printing process along with the proper materials, inks, printing, embossing, circuitry and assembly we can provide the best membrane switch for your application.

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Working with us

Simple solutions for complex applications

The two most common materials used for membrane switches are Polycarbonate and Polyester, depending on the use case and environment. As with our graphic overlay manufacturing, many of the same techniques can be applied: selective texturing, dead fronting, embossing, EMI/RFI shielding and hard coating.

We work with your engineering team to provide a product meeting your required specifications.

Engineering expertise & support

The right material for your application

Timely first article production


Solutions for any application

Our developers and engineers are experienced in the creation of membrane switches across every application.

Outdoor keypads

Reliable, long lasting materials and adhesives for exposure to the elements

Interactive electronics

Precision construction and the right connectors and components for PCB interaction

Medical devices

Dependable products that meet regulatory compliance standards

Touch screen applications

Products engineered for a growing market

Fiber optic lighting

Complex lighting solutions

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