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Custom foil labels

Custom foil labels are a useful tool for captivating customers as they browse store aisles. Foil labels give products a shiny, metallic sheen that draws attention to them and creates a higher-end look. They can be used for entire labels or to highlight specific areas of a label. They’re great for wine and spirits labels, beauty and personal care labels or promotional labels like removable, instantly redeemable coupons (IRCs). Many brands use them in conjunction with a range of materials. Custom foil labels have become popular on cosmetics products, bottled beverages and food products.

Capture customer attention

Invigorate branding

Improve label quality

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Foil types

Custom foil-stamped labels are a versatile attention-grabber

There are two main types of foil labels: hot foil labels and cold foil labels.

Hot foil labels

Hot foil labels are made by pressing pigmented foil onto label material using a heated, engraved plate.

Lustrous shelf appeal for any package and any print
Hot foil labels are metallic sheets that give products a lustrous, shining quality — perfect for catching the eye.

Many finishes for many uses
Hot foil labels can use an array of color tints to provide a variety of bright glows. They work with any branded color palette and have become a popular way to give products a premium, polished look. We provide hot foil labels in nearly any die cut to match nearly any size container, package, can, jug or bottle. And if you have unique product size specifications, we can deliver custom die cuts so you’ll get a label to match your packaging.

Where you’ll find cold foil labels
During the printing process, hot foil labels can damage temperature-sensitive substrates, such as plastic films and non-porous materials. Cold foil labels provide metallic touches where hot foil stamping isn’t possible. You can find cold foil labels on plastic beverage bottles, household goods, fine foods, pressure-sensitive sticker labels and many other products packages.

Cold foil labels

Cold foil labels are made using a press to apply a thin foil sheet onto label material with cold printing plates and a UV curing lamp.

Premium metallic gloss on temperature-sensitive labels
Cold foil labels are used to apply a lustrous shimmer to delicate or heat-sensitive label materials. A strong alternative to hot foil labels, they are made with an on-press application that transfers a thin sheet of foil onto label material using cold printing plates and a UV curing lamp.

Are cold foil labels right for your brand? 

If you want to give your labels a standout, metallic look and need to use temperature-sensitive labeling materials, you should consider cold foil stamps. Their bright sheens grab attention, and they come in a full range of color tints. More importantly, they can give your products a premium look and feel. 

Our cold foil capabilities

We can print a complete range of custom cold foil labels and have the capabilities to:

  • Use spot colors to create any color label
  • Print labels for nearly any container using a complete library of dies
  • Add embossing and special design effects that give
  • Deliver the right label solution for your budget and lead times
  • And we stand behind our cold foil capabilities with complete service
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