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Peel-and-reseal wrap labels

Increase label space on a variety of containers by 200-600 percent.

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Complete communication with wrap around product labels

Peel-and-reseal wrap labels are designed to allow consumers to peel back your label to reveal additional content and, when they’re done, close the flap. These labels are either designed with a hinge to wrap around the container one or more times.

These labels are useful for marketing to multilingual customers, adding custom branding to your labels, running promotions and packing regulatory or compliance information onto your product — all without hurting the base branding of your label.

Increase label space

Customize designs

Add functionality

product types

Our wrap label capabilities

We offer several variations of smooth peel and peel-free labels.

Smooth-peel wrap labels

  • Standard wrap labels are specially designed for cylindrical containers
  • Available in a variety of colors and label materials

Increased label space

  • Wrap labels can wrap multiple times around a container
  • The adhesive side of the wrap label can also be printed for even more brand content.
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