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Booklet labels

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Booklet labels are part of the extended content label (ECL) category. They pack extensive information within a small area, allowing you to maximize branding impact. These versatile labels provide many design opportunities.

Within a booklet label, we can use different color combinations, materials and printing options to achieve any look and feel. And we can make them removable or add them to your label to be read from any direction.

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Booklet label design possibilities

Booklet labels are used to greatly expand the information on your product and are often several pages to tens of pages long. Meet regulatory requirements, add language translations or include additional product and brand info.

Resealable booklet labels

Resealable booklet labels enable the end user to open and close the label, resealing it each time.

This solution prolongs the lifespan of the label and protects the important information listed on the pages inside. Converting a booklet label into a resealable variation can be done in three simple steps:

1. Eliminate perforations on either side of the overlamination

2. Eliminate start slits and cuts on either side of the overlamination

3. Use a film base label for a paper base label

Offset booklet label inserts

Offset-printed inserts are the highest quality extended content label additions and offer magazine-quality printing.

We can deliver them in four main types: folded, bound, single panel inserts and data packs. All four are flexible options that can be used for many purposes. Our consultative team helps you pick the right one for your label.

  • Folded inserts Provide total color flexibility, with a max of six colors per side, and 11 different folds
  • Bound inserts Perfect for outdoor applications, as we can print them on synthetic paper
  • Single panel inserts Commonly used for instant redeemable coupons (IRCs)
  • Data packs Suited for booklets that must be tough enough for wet environments — or booklets that are too thick to laminate

Flexographic booklet label inserts

Flexographic booklet labels are usually a less-expensive option than offset booklet labels, but they offer less flexibility to achieve certain designs.

We provide two main types of flexographic inserts: the plow-fold insert and single-panel inserts. For both types, we provide multiple colors and wide widths, so we can cover just about any size insert you could need. And we can fold plow-fold inserts directly on our flexographic presses, so we can provide rapid order processing too.


Applications for booklet labels

You’ll see booklet labels on a wide variety of products, from government-regulated goods with mandated information to items with enhanced branding or detailed use guidelines.


Meet requirements for hazard information


Convey critical product information


Translate messaging for all audiences


Include recipes and serving inspiration


Share brand stories and features


Fit unique content and offer information

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