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Dry release labels

A peel-free label that’s perfect for large quantities.

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Peel-free dry release labels

Dry release labels are a custom extended content label (ECL) that is ideal for coupons and promotions. These are a perfect labeling option for in-store marketing and promotions, point of sale (POS) and instant-redeemable coupons (IRCs).

Clean design and strong performance make them ideal for sectors like food and beverage, over-the-counter pharmaceutical and nutraceuticals, sports nutrition, health and beauty, and more.

Dry release labels allow customers to remove the top layer of a label. The double-sided top layer and bottom layer combine for three panels of brand art and product info, and we can make the bottom layer completely transparent on film constructions so you can still see the packaging underneath. With dry release labels, no tacky residue is left on the label or packaging after removal.

Print over three pages

Easy peel top ply

Leave no residue


We offer complete customization


Available constructions include pressure sensitive BOPP or paper

Printer compatibility

Compatible with variable data inkjet printing

Color range

Capable of printing up to 12 colors


Strong BOPP clear-film base layer will not obstruct primary packaging

Extended content (ECL) label guide cover

Free Guide

A guide to extended content labels

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