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Navigating the bottle label applicator market

Tabletop label applicator with foot pedal

Choosing the right bottle label applicator can seriously benefit your bottom line. These machines enable the user to drastically cut the time spent on labeling, allowing for greater production speeds and creating more inventory that’s ready to move right now.

Bottle label applicators allow users to insert cylindrical containers—medicine bottles, water bottles, beer bottles, etc.—where a label is then applied to the container from a roll, commonly controlled by a foot switch or push button start/stop. Some models of bottle label applicators are able to apply a label to the front and back of a container, while some apply only a single label to containers.

With the right investment, bottle label applicators help manufacturers to cut costs over the long run and increase consistency across the product line, leading to enhanced brand recognition and trust.

Here are a couple of models worth considering.

Bottle label applicator options

Tabletop applicator

A foot-switch operated tabletop applicator is a great way for smaller labeling operations to increase speed.  For instance, there are models available with both single-label and front-and-back capabilities that can apply labels at more than 4.5 inches per second. With an experienced applicator, they can be capable of labeling at an industry rate of 1,200 containers per hour.

It’s important to verify (as with any bottle label applicator) that a tabletop applicator is capable of accommodating the size of your label. Talk to an experienced distributor to make sure you order the model that’s best suited to your operation.

The Inline 5100 from Label-Aire

For higher output operations looking to ramp up labeling speed and automation, the Label-Aire Inline 5100 is a serious asset. Built on a sturdy, rugged stainless steel cabinet frame, the Inline 5100 is designed to grow with your business. It consistently applies full- and partial-wrap labels at high volumes and in multiple-shift operations.

This push button start/stop bottle label applicator is controlled by a VFD operator interface capable of applying labels at a rate of 1,200 inches per minute. The VFD interface is easy to operate, smoothly adjusting between application speeds. Adding to the convenience and automation, containers are automatically spaced for a consistent application.

High-output operations can make labeling faster, easier and more affordable with the Inline 5100, while planning for continued growth with other Label-Aire products.

Finding the right bottle label applicator partner

Bottle dimensions, label size, production volume and many other factors specific to your production process will play a large role in determining which piece of equipment is best-suited to your labeling process.

Choosing the wrong piece of equipment could mean a bottle label applicator that can’t adjust your label size, is unable to keep up or is overkill for your particular labeling needs. Finding an experienced distributor capable of sourcing a wide range of bottle label applicators is key to landing the right piece of equipment. This will also ensure you’ve found a reliable partner for the life of your equipment, not one that’s going to disappear after the sale.

For assistance finding the right label applicator, bottle label applicator setup or more information contact Resource Label Group online or give us a call at 1-888-526-8177.

Find the best solution that makes the most sense for your brand.