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Piece together the ideal coupon label

Coupon label solutions

Coupon labels are beneficial to any retail market. From Instant Redeemable Coupons to coupons for later redemption, coupon labels bring additional branding and marketing opportunities to your product. When done by an expert label company, there isn’t a market that couldn’t benefit from the use of a well-designed coupon label.

Coupons have an array of constructions, capabilities and technologies that go beyond a simple splash of color and a UPC. There are a variety of technologies that can help you come up with a unique and effective coupon label for your product.

Coupon label technologies

Coupons come in all shapes, sizes, folds and constructions. We are the experts at designing and manufacturing coupon labels. Here are a few of the primary technologies we specialize in that can set your coupon label apart from others.

  • Clean release cards – These cards pull clean from the package and can act as a future or instant redeemable coupon. They can be found on product packages or in direct mail advertisements and catalogs. Most have a barcode or alpha numeric code for the discount or prize. Clean release cards are great for just about any retail market from food products and clothing to books and entertainment.
  • Resealable booklet labels – This type of construction is also known as a type of extended content label (ECL). The booklet contains information pertaining to the product often with instructions, a detailed list of ingredients and regulations, but the resealable label can also contain pictograms, multiple languages and coupons. The booklet has a resealable lamination on the top. Resealable booklet labels are a great way to be compliant and provide regulated information without sacrificing branding by including cross promoting content such as coupons. Household chemical and cosmetic companies benefit from the ability to include vast amounts of regulatory information, instructions and ingredients while still including necessary branding and marketing opportunities.
  • Peel and reveal – Peel and reveal labels are as they sound. They are labels that peel open to reveal a coupon. Constructed from a top and bottom ply as opposed to pressure sensitive labels, these can be found on products from many markets and often as a part of in-store promotions. Clothing retailers will often have promotions in which they hand out cards containing a peel and reveal label for discounts to customers when entering a store. The coupons open to reveal a discount or prize to be used during the customer’s visit.
  • Game/sweepstakes ­– Highly regulated, game and sweepstakes labels can only be produced by a very small group of label converters. Often, this style of coupon utilizes other technologies like peel and reveal. A nationwide retail store might implement a peel and reveal coupon as part of a game in which customers receive the coupon after a purchase. The contents can be opened to reveal a future redeemable prize.
  • Scent Technology – Scent technology has been used in Scratch ‘N SniffTM applications for decades, but more recent technology has improved delivery systems for labels imbued with aromas. Rub ‘n SmellTM can last 10 years, or 10,000 rubs and is a great addition to a coupon or other promotional materials. Lift and SmellTM involves scent capsules that are placed into adhesives used for a variety of coupons. The capsules don’t activate until the adhesive is broken. Lastly, Scent ‘a PeelTM is similar to Lift and SmellTM but is designed as a reusable scent product. There isn’t a coupon Resource Label Group prints than can’t have a scent applied to it. From food products and candles to cosmetics and household cleaning products, scented coupons bring extrasensory stimuli for a unique experience. Additionally, as many as six scents can be applied to a given product.

Many of these technologies are aimed at making the coupon label an experience. Instead of a simple discount, coupon labels that utilize this technology create a unique occurrence. Piecing together a combination of various colors, coatings, adhesive and technologies will lead to a one-of-a-kind coupon label that will help the product stand out from others.

What makes Resource Label Group unique?

The biggest factor that sets Resource Label Group apart from many other label manufacturers is our 14-station capability. Each station is another component of the coupon label – the more stations, the more components. A station may be a color, coating or adhesive.

Coupons have come a long way since the early days of simple fluorescent colors and informational text. Additional folds, panels, colors, adhesives, laminations and ancillary technologies have taken coupon labels to nearly endless capabilities. Consulting with one of our expert label designers with help you distinguish your coupon label from others while increasing branding and marketing opportunities. Reach out to our team to request a consultation today.

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