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Combatting uncertainty when forecasting label demand during COVID-19

The stakes are always high when forecasting your label supply needs. But with COVID-19, the ante has been raised to unprecedented levels.

With the future so uncertain, it’s impossible to see past your label supply needs for this month, week — or even day. Only two things are certain right now: You can’t afford for your labels to be out of stock and, because of that, you expect your label orders to be printed and delivered immediately.

On-demand digital label printing gives you the flexibility — and certainty — you need to keep up with your evolving supply needs amidst COVID-19.

On-demand digital printing helps you keep up

Digital presses have two key features which enable true on-demand label printing: No plates are required, and these presses can be set up quickly.

Without the expense or lead time required to make plates, you can get your labels onto press almost immediately after you order. That, combined with the fact that little time is required to set up and calibrate the press between runs, makes small orders with quick turnarounds possible.

And because no brand wants to sacrifice print quality for speed, ask your label supplier to preflight your label artwork and provide a digital proof to guarantee your graphics will print exactly the way you envision.

To get the complete picture of how digital printing can add value to your bottom line in tangible ways, check out this article.

Order what you need, when you need it

Digital printing allows you to order what you need, when you need it. You no longer have to stockpile a year’s worth of labels, and you can respond more flexibly to evolving demand during emergency situations.

All 17 Resource Label Group production facilities in the United States and Canada remain open and operational. And with a large digital footprint from coast to coast, we are ready to quickly handle any label orders you have during this difficult time. Reach out to our team today.

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