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5 key label trends for 2021

It goes without saying — your brand faced extraordinary packaging challenges this year due to the pandemic. These industry-wide shake-ups and their ripple effects on consumer engagement, labeling procurement and everything in between were the resounding takeaway from 2020 — and will continue in some form or fashion into next year. 

We learned that winning at the shelf isn’t enough anymore; brands must win in the online shopping cart, too. We learned that smart labels can provide consumer engagement that brands have been essentially cut off from. And we learned that even through all these changes, a majority of customers — a significant 87% — still prefer an eco-friendly packaging option when purchasing products. 

To set up your brand for a profitable and forward-thinking 2021, we’ve summarized these key trends for your brand. Plus, we’ll provide examples of real-life applications for these trends, ranging from food and pharmaceuticals to beverage and household cleaners.

We’ll discuss the following trends (and give actionable steps for incorporating them at your brand): 

  • As e-commerce grows, so does the importance of trust-building packaging.
  • How NFC and RFID fill the gap in consumer engagement in a socially distant world.
  • Security and tamper-evident labels are now industry staples.
  • The bar continues to raise on sustainability commitments.
  • Label converters prove crucial to an informed, agile packaging strategy.

Brands need to be more flexible than ever — and an informed, agile label strategy is part of that. Fill out the form to get expert insight on next year’s trends. 

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