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DIRECT TRACK: Label ordering made fast and simple

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Track orders, compile communications and get labels faster with one online portal

You can order a pizza online and track it all the way from the prep table to your doorstep. Why not product labels, too?

Traditional label ordering often involves phone and email exchanges that delay processing. With DIRECT TRACK™, customers receive their labels at least 72 hours sooner. You also get added efficiency, convenience and certainty in your label ordering.

This online application offers Resource Label Group customers a 24/7 interface with their label producer. All orders, schedules and internal communications are readily available with one login. Send messages anytime, anyplace, and get a response ASAP.

The potential of EASESENTIALS

DIRECT TRACK is among our EASESENTIALS suite of applications that simplify our customers’ working lives. Alongside our ARTWORKS™ system, DIRECT TRACK automatically documents every aspect of the label production process, from first draft to last reorder.

It’s easily implemented by anyone. If you can use Facebook, you can work in DIRECT TRACK. 

However, DIRECT TRACK is a tool, not a requirement. If a customer prefers to do things another way, we are happy to oblige.

Fearlessly paperless


The progress of order-by-mail systems is reliant on the pace of the postal service. Online ordering systems aren’t much better unless highly organized and easily accessible. Cross-communication between teams becomes a hassle when you’re manually sharing disparate email chains.

Online efficiencies are an absolute business necessity, especially after the pandemic. Operations still using traditional systems risk falling behind and losing out to competitors taking advantage of the new marketplace.

DIRECT TRACK helps keep you on pace to stay ahead of the competition. Customers large and small, from wine bottling operations to meatpacking plants, have made it an integral part of their operations due to the range of solutions it offers.

One stop for label specs, order updates and approval discussions

Put your record keepers at ease with our searchable, sortable system. DIRECT TRACK can:

  • House an overview of your label orders at all phases, from the artboard to production and finishing rooms.
  • Keep complicated artistic discussions simple by connecting with ARTWORKS to store design drafts and critiques in one readily accessible place.
  • Provide production notifications like when your labels are printed.
  • Track labels from the loading dock to your doorstep.
  • Keep stock of all your labels with a product history that allows you to easily reorder prior products.
  • Include internal message boards to quickly keep everyone up to date, in your teams to ours.
  • Maintain an updated overview of all our product offerings so you’re always ready to make the next order.

Remote-work ready

In today’s online world, business hours extend around the clock. Customers want the freedom to work just as well in the early morning as late at night, in their homes or offices.

Work when and where you like. DIRECT TRACK is readily available anywhere there’s a computer and internet connection. 

Easy transition

Transitioning to DIRECT TRACK is simple and intuitive. But if there are issues, you won’t waste resources on them. Our service and sales teams help customers get acquainted with the new technology and remain available for day-to-day help and advice. 

Want certainty in your label procurement?

Focus on your long-term vision and company goals. Leave daily documentation to the software. 

Take a look at the DIRECT TRACK Quickstart Guide to see if it can help your operation succeed. 

We are the label experts. It’s what we do, every day, and we’ve gotten pretty good at it. So contact us to help put the perfect wrap on your product design.