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Why are BOPP labels so popular?

BOPP is an acronym for Biaxially-Oriented (BO) Polypropylene (PP), a favorite for beauty and personal care products, as well as household, food and beverage brands. And it’s easy to see why.

BOPP is a versatile and resilient label material available in white, opaque, metallized or clear. BOPP labels are thin yet rugged, moisture resistant, product resistant, non-toxic and food safe.

These moisture and solvent resistance qualities are ideal for household products, and acid resistance is a benefit for some food & beverage products. Citrus, tomatoes, condiments, coffee, vegetables, and other food & beverage products with low pH/high acid content may discolor or degrade lesser label materials. Our BOPP label materials adapt to virtually any product line.

BOPP label benefits:

  • Thin material
  • Superior strength
  • Excellent printability
  • Flatness (Conforms well to containers)
  • Low toxicity (food label suitable)
  • Recyclable (No. 5 plastic)
  • Product resistant, oil & water resistant

BOPP label options:

  • White
  • Metallized (silver & gold)
  • Clear (for the ‘no label look’)
  • Squeezable (for tubes and other non-rigid applications)
BOPP food labels.

White BOPP labels

By far the most common BOPP label, white is available with strong permanent adhesives or removable adhesives for required applications. White BOPP is the preferred label material for health & beauty, cosmetic, and personal care labels. White BOPP is also commonly used for food labels. As mentioned above, BOPP is non-toxic and moisture resistant– so labeled products that may come in contact with water or oils (and other ingredients) are a great fit for our BOPP material.

Silver BOPP labels

Silver BOPP provides the same excellent durability and product/moisture resistance of white BOPP, with a silver metallic finish. Add flair to your label design with standard silver or a chrome/mirror-like finish.

A gold BOPP labels.

Gold BOPP labels

Gold BOPP labels are as rugged and product/moisture resistant as white and silver BOPP, with a luxurious, reflective gold finish. Elevate your brand packaging with eye-catching shiny gold labels.

Clear BOPP labels

The elegant no-label look is beloved by spirit, wine, food & beverage, cosmetic, health & beauty, and personal care products. Clear BOPP label material provides the same moisture & product resistant qualities of white and metallized BOPP, with the added benefit of a virtually invisible label– even on colored containers. Critically, BOPP labels must be produced with a clear poly liner to smooth out the adhesive prior to application.

A water product with clear BOPP labeling.

Read more about achieving the non-label look here.

Semi-squeezable BOPP labels

Containers that contort with use and handling, such as a lotion tubes, need a label material and adhesive combination specifically designed to be fully squeezable. BOPP labels are not fully squeezable, so for containers with this requirement we recommend polyolefin and polyethylene film.

Polyolefin and polyethylene are fully squeezable and available in clear, white, and bright silver. These materials are suitable for many of the same applications as BOPP, and are the preferred label stocks for your fully squeezable label needs.

To avoid folds, flagging and wrinkles, be sure to work with your label printer to select the best label construction. Material, adhesive, varnish, and overlap of the applied label are critical to successful tube labeling.

Read about common tube labeling problems here.

So what exactly is BOPP?

BOPP labels are very popular and eminently useful, but if you’re not curious about the technical aspects of the material, stop reading here!

As we said at the top of the page, BOPP is an acronym for Biaxially-Oriented (BO) Polypropylene (PP). ‘Biaxially-oriented’ refers to the production method which stretches the base material across two directions, increasing overall strength and clarity. Polypropylene is an amazingly versatile thermoplastic polymer used not only in labels, but furniture, microwave-safe food packaging, clear bags, playing card collector sheets, and thousands of other things.

Combined with the ideal adhesive for your specific needs, a bright white, metallized or clear base material, and printed with the highest quality, Resource Label Group produces beautiful BOPP labels for brands in any industry.

Find the best solution that makes the most sense for your brand.