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Cape Cod Winery: Better labels lead to bigger sales

The Resource Label Group delivered a facelift for this family-owned winery’s labels that helped lift its bottom line.

The problem: Inconsistent labels that were incongruous with the winery’s quality and the owners’ ambitions

The solution: An elegant redesign featuring strategic embellishments, resulting in templatized labels that were easy for the client to use going forward

The owners settled on a few touches that elevated their product and made interacting with their wines a premium experience. These included:

  • Elevated facestock
  • Hot foil stamping
  • Tactile varnish

Cape Cod Winery released their new label in time for summer, and the response was swift. In their tasting room, visitors lingered over the winery’s new eye-catching labels. And not long after customers began sharing photos of the new-look product, Cape Cod.

The winery gained thousands of new social media followers and received comments raving about the revamped labels.

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