Resources » How do you bring your brand vision to life?

Technical expertise is a crucial part
of bringing your brand vision to life

When it comes to package design, your job as a brand owner is coming up with ideas that elevate your company’s identity and move it forward.

And it’s your label partner’s job to bring your ideas to life, using knowledge of your brand combined with technical expertise to get the best possible result.

If you want to take maximum advantage of that knowledge, invite them into the process during the design phase rather than waiting until you have finished art. By using their experts as a sounding board early in the process, you can save time, frustration and money in the long run.

Hear from the founders of GHOST, who wanted to add embellishments to shrink sleeves. They wanted to produce sustainable shrink sleeves while enhancing their logo and retaining the brand’s color palette.

So when it came time to select a label partner for this intricate project, GHOST turned to Resource Label Group’s Dallas location, McDowell Label.

“The experience has been absolutely stellar since launch,” says GHOST chief marketing officer Ryan Hughes. “Everything we do creatively, McDowell Label enables us to execute and bring to life.”