Resources » A label partner offers you more value than a printer

The right label partner is more than just a printer — much more

To pull off a complicated label, you need a partner that is equally adept at the creative and technical sides of the job. They understand what you are trying to achieve with your branding, know which packaging elements to emphasize and have the technical expertise to pick the perfect materials and tools for the job. As an added bonus, they can serve as a proxy packaging engineer, advising your co-manufacturer or bottler on what they need to do on their end to achieve the best possible results. They tie everything together.

When you work with a company with this blend of interdisciplinary skills, you’re not just getting a label vendor. You’re getting a label partner that can bridge the gap between branding and engineering, from ideation to creation. You’re getting a partner who can successfully execute your vision, down to the smallest details.

In this video, Resource Label Group’s John McDowell explains why we pride ourselves on going “way beyond” the scope of ordinary label manufacturers. Once you watch it, you’ll understand what a big difference that can make.