Resources » Will shrink sleeves cheapen my brand? No!

Shrink sleeves are worthy of your brand name. Here’s why.

The demand for shrink sleeve packaging is at an all-time high, across market sectors. Why is that?

John McDowell, president of McDowell Label, a Resource Label Group Co., believes that the technology has evolved to the point where it can accommodate the three fundamental elements of branding.

“They’re always in this hierarchy: color, shape and size,” he says.

Let’s look at how you can address those needs with shrink sleeves:


Today’s shrink sleeve printing technology allows you to accurately match colors to your brand palette, ensuring consistent quality.

“With our printing technologies and capabilities, we print the widest gamut and most intense form of color representation for brand identity,” McDowell says.

Shape and size

Want to experiment with uniquely shaped containers? You can do that with shrink sleeves because you’re no longer required to have a flat surface on which to place your label.

“With the continuous development of resin and film technology, we can decorate virtually any shape or size container,” McDowell explains. “I think that drives a big part of the demand.”

Watch the video to learn more about how your brand can benefit.

Resource Label Group’s John McDowell and client Ryan Hughes of GHOST discuss how shrink sleeves accommodate branding.