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Thinking critically about the value chain with your label partner

If you didn’t fully understand how supply chains impact your business before 2020, you almost certainly do now after years of conducting business amid material shortages and decreased staffing.

That’s definitely true for Resource Label client GHOST, a Chicago-based nutritional supplement company.

“Truthfully, before 2020, I don’t think I ever used the word ‘supply chain,’” recalls GHOST’s chief marketing officer, Ryan Hughes. “And now it’s in every conversation we have, in every facet of the business.”

You may think of supply chains as the mechanism for getting the materials you need to make your products. But supply chains also have a direct impact on the quality of your packaging. And you can improve your supply chain resiliency by changing how your view your label partner.

The key is involving them in your big-picture planning process.

Watch the video to learn how GHOST was able to improve its packaging supply chain by closely collaborating with Resource Label Group.