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Why you need to stop thinking of your label partner as a vendor

There are a lot of upsides to working closely with your label partner, such as coordination of your projects, on-demand planning, and strengthening your supply chain.

A good label partner can do more than elevate a single project. They can help you unify your entire packaging line, helping to push your brand in the direction you want it to go.

But you need to help them help you.

Let your label partner in on your master plan

Don’t just brief your label partner on the project at hand. Tell them about your long-range plans for your brand as a whole. For instance, do you have ambitions to go further upmarket? Would you like to diversify your product offerings and expand into other sectors? Or is it your ultimate goal to go national — or international?

When a good label partner knows which direction you want to take your brand in, they can offer invaluable insight into how your packaging can help you get there.

When you involve them in the design phase of each new project, they can help you tell a cohesive brand story. And as your brand grows, consumers will see the creativity and quality were there all along.  

Talk Early. Talk Often.

When you engage in frequent conversations about the future with your label partner, you will begin to function as a team — and that’s how truly exceptional labels happen!

Watch the video to learn how a client’s collaboration with Resource Label Group led to stellar new labels for their brand.

In this video, GHOST chief marketing officer Ryan Hughes and John McDowell of Resource Label Group explain how collaboration proved to be the secret sauce that resulted in its visually striking sustainable shrinks sleeves.