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End-to-end brand protection with security and authentication measures

End-to-End Brand Protection

Implementing security and authentication measures can be a struggle. No amount of ultra-sophisticated tech solutions, lobbying of governments or spending millions of dollars on litigation will protect brands and products 100%.

But a competent and knowledgeable packaging partner will save you time and deliver cost savings with compliance, proof of traceability and the promise your product stays in its package. Read on to discover how Resource Label Group can beef up your current packaging protection measures and security goals.

Building end-to-end brand protection into packaging

We protect consumers and your brand with the latest end-to-end brand protection and anti-counterfeit capabilities, including:

  1. Tamper evident and anti-counterfeit packaging that brings consistency to your brand.
  2. Expertise and understanding of the standards and regulations relating to product tampering.
  3. Traceable labels with RFID (radio frequency identification) and NFC (near field communication) tags so you can authenticate products and follow them from the warehouse to the consumer.
  4. A vast range of authentication solutions to protect your products and keep customers safe, including:
  • Tamper-evident shrink sleeves and full-graphic tamper bands
  • NFC and RFID smart labels and QR codes
  • Micro text and hologram or specialty foils
  • Indicators activated by temperature or light

A system designed for security and authentication

Our security processes are based on the simplicity and elegance of a pyramid of security measures. Made up of three tiers of protective products and techniques, moving up the pyramid the focus transitions from the simplest, low-cost options to smart technologies.

  • Overt packaging includes material-based and print-based security, with details noticeable to the consumer, such as tamper bands and visible embellishments
  • Covert security elements, such as invisible ink, are hidden, and a combination of both overt and covert is difficult for counterfeiters to replicate
  • Smart components, digital security and taggants, are not readily available to the naked eye

Resource Label Group deploys powerful security and authentication solutions for a vast array of industries. Read the “Safeguard Your Customers and Brand from Counterfeiting” to find out more about our dynamic, custom-tailored packaging and labeling solutions.

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