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Resource Label Group helps navigate packaging regulatory requirements

Packaging Regulatory Requirements

Implementing security and authenticity measures is a formidable task, especially for industries subject to stringent packaging regulatory requirements. Working with a packaging partner that is well-versed in meeting government regulations and industry standards is important.

How can businesses keep up with these regulations? This post sheds light on the compliance challenges your team faces and how Resource Label Group can partner with you to ensure compliant packaging and labeling.

Regulatory requirements across a wide range of industries

Many industries are subject to regulatory requirements — some simple, others complex and all subject to change — and consumer packaged goods (CPG) are no exception. Some of these regulatory requirements include:

  • All companies that sell products regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are required to meet tamper evident packaging guidelines.
  • Pharmaceutical companies that have prescription drugs in their portfolio must provide these with two security features as of 9 February 2019 in accordance with the Anti-Counterfeiting Directive 2011/62/EU.
  • The Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), which was delayed to go into effect in 2024, will require that pharma products be validated at all points in the supply chain where custody changes. This regulation can be met with unique unit identification such as bar codes, QR codes or RFID.

Download the Security & Authentication Whitepaper

Work with a partner that can help keep your labels compliant with government packaging regulatory requirements. Click below to download and read our “Safeguard Your Customers and Brand from Counterfeiting” whitepaper. You’ll see how Resource Label Group is the expert with experience developing label solutions to meet government regulations and industry standards, such as FDA, EPA, OSHA, HCS and GHS requirements.

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