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Craft beer labels that save money

Posted on June 10th, 2015

The most cost-efficient option for craft beer labels varies from brewer to brewer and even beer to beer. First, you’ll need to consider how many cans you need to label.

Beer cans offer advantages over beer bottles

More and more craft brewers are using cans because cans open up new opportunities and reduce shipping and storage costs. They stack, take up less space in shipping containers and can be loaded in larger quantities. And they offer a number of other advantages, including:

  • Resistance to UV light spoilage
  • 360-degree design coverage
  • Increased reseller value
  • Elimination of broken glass

Beer cans have previously been unfeasible in small orders

While beer cans provide advantages, one problem has long been the cost of ordering craft beer labels in small quantities. When you have one beer label design you want for a bulk order, you can achieve a low-unit cost with an option called pre-printed cans. Made by printing designs directly onto empty aluminum beer cans, pre-printed cans are only available in minimum orders of at least 150,000. But what if you’re a craft brewer and you don’t need a bulk order? What about selling smaller quantities of beer using seasonal labels and unique label designs?

For many years, you may have been best suited to use a bottle. In the past, the only option for smaller runs of craft beer can labels was shrink sleeves, a type of specialty film label slipped over cans and then tightened to them using heat shrinking. While you can purchase shrink sleeves in small quantities, the cost of each label is higher. So in the past, craft brewers have had to either buy cans in large volumes that didn’t allow flexibility for seasonal designs or pay a high unit cost for shrink sleeves.

beer-can-design-brew-wrapsBrew Wrap: the cost-effective solution for craft beer labels

Today, there’s a new option that makes it cost effective to order craft beer labels in small quantities. Brew Wrap is an innovative beer can label that improves beer can design, reduces costs and streamlines logistics for craft brewers. Previously not seen in the market, it’s a pressure-sensitive label for full beer cans.

Brew Wrap costs significantly less per unit than shrink sleeves, and it’s available in as big or as small an order as you like. Plus, it gives you better logistical control than both pre-printed cans and shrink sleeves. Since Brew Wrap labels are applied on filled beer cans, you can order the exact number of labels you need instead of basing your orders on estimates of how many cans you’ll fill with beer.

Brew Wrap provides a range of other benefits, such as:

  • Major cost savings
  • Rapid turnarounds, often twice as fast as shrink sleeve turnarounds
  • Custom designs like foil stamping, tactile labels and combination matte-gloss finishes

The right solutions for your craft beer label

Picking the best solution for your craft beer label depends on a variety of factors — from budget, special features and your product’s environments to your brand and the story you want to tell on your beer.

If you’re a brewer looking for direction on your newest product line’s label, download our brewer’s guide to labeling here.

Beer labels explained

Beer labels should display the essence of your brand and the story of the product. Download this guide to learn about the range of labeling options and how to maximize visual storytelling for your beer label.

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