Foil Labels
Stand Out with
Golden Elegance,
Silver Shimmer &
Polished Class.

Custom foil labels

Custom foil labels are a useful tool for captivating customers as they browse store aisles. There are two main types of foil labels: hot foil labels and cold foil labels. Hot foil labels are made by pressing metallic, dry ink onto label material using a heated, engraved plate. Cold foil labels are made using a press to apply a thin foil sheet onto label material with cold printing plates and a UV curing lamp.

Custom foil labels are a versatile attention-grabber

Custom foil labels give products a shiny, metallic sheen that draws attention to them and creates a higher end look. They can be used for entire labels or to highlight specific areas of a label. They’re great for wine & spirits labels, health & beauty labels or promotional labels like removable, instantly redeemable coupons (IRCs). Many brands use them in conjunction with a range of materials. Custom foil labels have become popular on cosmetics products, bottled beverages and food products. With our capabilities, we can:

  • Provide foil labels in nearly any die cut for nearly any shape container
  • Tint foil labels in a spectrum of different colors to achieve any appearance
  • Deliver great value for any size print run

Custom foil labels that come with service

The right look, feel and label can separate your product and distinguish your brand on store shelves. But getting there takes a dedicated effort to solve design, material and branding complexities throughout the label design and printing process. We face the challenge head on with a full-service team who assists you from estimation to delivery. If foil labels are right for you, we’ll provide the highest quality foil labels. If another label is best for your product, we’ll pull from our extensive label capabilities to provide you that just-right label.