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Make your food labels stand out in the grocery aisle

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Leverage full-scale printing capabilities to achieve your creative vision

Labels of various size on multiple food products.
  • Create intricate designs with complex color variations with digital printing
  • Save money while scaling up production with flexographic label printing
  • Use smart label technology to track products and promote your brand
  • Share recipes and save brand space with extended content labels (ECLs)
  • Promote your brand with instant redeemable coupons (IRCs)
  • Incorporate tamper-prevention features right into your labels or sleeves
  • Offer customers sustainable packaging
  • Set your brand apart with unique containers, label shapes and textures
  • Save money on multi-SKU orders when you group varietals into one order
  • Select durable materials that can withstand prolonged refrigeration

Make food labels tough enough to survive any home – and still look good

Food labels

Durability is a key consideration for food labels. They are regularly handled between the refrigerator and the dining room table and have to survive getting wet or worse.

Our experts can help you choose the right adhesives, coatings and other protective measures to ensure your label remains beautifully identifiable – even if it ends up covered in something sticky.

Collaborate with every stakeholder throughout the process – in one place

When you create food labels with Resource Label Group, you get more than our decades of branding and technical expertise. You also get a label manufacturing process that includes all the quality control steps. You can access our easiest process yet with EASESENTIALS™.

This menu of remote capabilities features four key solutions designed to save you the cost and coordination of travel:

  • The ability to comment on and approve label proofs – with version control
  • Virtual press checks
  • Order tracking
  • Site auditing

The goal? To make label ordering faster, easier and more convenient for you.

Our Easesentials proofing platform lets your entire team offer their feedback on your food labels in one centralized location.

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At Resource Label Group, we take your entire brand concept into consideration and then we make it our goal to exceed your brand vision.

The first step is a consultation about your custom food label needs. Fill out the form at the top of this page to start the conversation with our branding and technical experts. You can also request a quote.

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