Digital Impact Label Printing
The next evolution in label printing
in the digital age.

Introducing Digital Impact hybrid label printing

All the benefits of traditional digital printing, with much more. Short or long run lengths, complex graphics, opaque whites and variable printing. Bring your labels to life with bright, crisp graphics, eye-popping color and glossy inks.

What is Digital Impact hybrid printing?

Digital Impact printing combines digital and flexo printing. The introduction of digital eliminates the need for plates, anilox rolls and screens which means lower tooling costs. This hybrid printing approach boasts a significant reduction in print defects like dot dipping, color transfer and flecks.



With conventional digital and flexographic printing, hot stamp foils have limited selections, long turnaround times, high minimum orders and require costly hot stamp dies. Digital Impact silver cold foil, with our new capabilities, can achieve custom foil colors with faster turnaround times.

Advantages of Digital Impact

How is Digital Impact faster? Fewer plates, little make-ready and inline decoration mean quicker turnaround times and speed to market.

Digital Impact printing allows us to deliver strategic run lengths, enabling brand owners to try new and different product line extensions without incurring the cost of platemaking and make-ready.

Digital Impact offers high-end design capabilities, including but not limited to knockouts, small type, vignettes and blends.

Replenishing your inventory is much faster and much more economical when printing with Digital Impact.

Customers today demand greater product availability, more options, and faster and faster product delivery. Digital Impact makes this quicker and easier with variable printing.

Quality and Service are a given, and shoppers rate Innovation and Creativity as some of the key factors separating their most-preferred brands from those that just offer a low price.

Products and packaging that communicate relevant brand stories to consumers are chosen more frequently. Aligning with your customers’ values is easier than ever with Digital Impact capabilities and customizations.



Benefits of Digital Impact

  • Suitable for nearly any run length; Digital Impact runs very fast and will fit many applications for both short run and long runs
  • Raised, glossy ink look can elevate quality of graphics
  • Great substitute for screen printing. Clients that use many screens can save on expensive preparation — even for white opaques
  • Technology of choice when pressure-sensitive films are required, or label will be used in moist conditions
  • Improved registration and resolution
  • The full color gamut available with traditional digital printing
  • Variable printing — different copies across web, even on long print runs
  • Achieve vignettes on clear substrates
  • Cold foil embellishments available

Digital Impact Quality Assurance

  • Hybrid Labels internal test results, passed with “flying colors”
  • Ink durability verified by rub test, bottle-to-bottle test, sled test and Sutherland rub test
  • Ink adhesion verified by scratch test and water test
  • Ink longevity verified by third-party fade and light-fast testing
  • Optical brightness verified

Digital Impact & Sustainability

Hybrid Press Technology aligns with our sustainability focus:

  • Hybrid press does not use rotary screens and uses minimal UV flexo plates = reduction in pre-press materials, solvents and plates to landfill
  • Significant reduction in “make-ready” waste between jobs = less waste to landfill
  • Moving to a common silver cold foil to reduce part rolls of custom hot stamps = less waste to landfill
  • Cold foil printing eliminates the need for brass and copper hot stamp dies = less tooling and less waste


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