Digital Labels
Crisp type.
Vibrant color. Flawless clarity.

Digital labels

Digital labels are a type of pressure-sensitive label made using cutting-edge digital printing technology. At Resource Label Group, we print custom digital labels that reinforce your brand and help your product stand out on store shelves. In the past few years, new digital labels have emerged, offering brands improved label quality at reduced costs.

Benefits of digital labels

Digital labels offer a wide range of benefits above and beyond those of other labels, including:

  • High resolution, even for tiny details and small print
  • Crisp type and superb clarity
  • Photographic-quality imagery comparable to top magazines
  • Rapid turnarounds on print orders
  • Reduced cost per unit for short-to-medium-size runs

Due to the accuracy and precision of the latest digital printing technologies, each digital label in a print run is absolutely consistent — from first to last.

Variable printing options

Digital labels are unique in that they can be made with variable data printing (VDP) technology, so each label within one print run can differ from the rest. Whether you need consecutive numbering, sequential barcodes or variable titles, text and branding, digital labels are a strong option. Using digital labels with VDP, you can quickly run targeted, unique promotions or test market a variety of label designs and product messaging.

Applications for digital labels

Digital labels are the best choice for many products, as they provide the absolute best printing quality. And we can deliver them with label-to-label variations. Digital labels are a great option for:

  • Market tests with small quantities of a new product
  • Event marketing products
  • Regional and seasonal goods made for targeted promotions
  • Proofs, especially on rapid turnarounds
  • Runs requiring many label versions

Digital labels from Resource Label Group are an inexpensive, high quality option for any company that needs a small to medium run.

Colors, inks and materials

Digital labels have the most vibrant colors with gradient options, reduced opacity and high resolution — even on small print. Due to how they’re printed, digital labels provide infinite color options, opening up endless product branding opportunities. And they’re printed with perfect registration, meaning each color is perfectly blended to create the most clear, accurate picture on your label.

Digital labels provide perfect ink-to-ink trapping, meaning each edge of even the smallest, most detailed designs is crisp and free of undesired blots. Other print methods can’t deliver the same extreme clarity. In traditional forms of label printing with plates, parts of printed materials sometimes look darker due to a problem called dot gain. Along with the variety and quality of colors and inks available on digital labels, each digital label within a print run is perfectly consistent, with zero dot gain.

Digital labels can be produced on a range of materials, including paper, film, foil and many others. We can advise you on selecting the best materials depending on your design, budget and the environment your label must survive.

Determining if digital labels are the best option

In addition to pressure-sensitive digital labels, we provide other great options, such as flexographic labels. Determining the best solution for your label depends on several factors, including:

  • Quantity of labels you need
  • Turnaround time you must meet
  • Your label design
  • How many label-to-label variations you require

Printing labels with a flexographic or offset press incurs initial setup and changeover costs. We start by making a printing plate with your design, then using that plate to press your design onto a label material. The process is tremendously efficient and cost effective for large quantities of labels — or even if you need a smaller quantity to begin and more runs of the same design over time. Digital labels save you the setup cost but carry a higher per-unit cost for large runs. We recommend using digital labels for smaller runs, but not always for the largest orders.

Digital labels can be printed in the fastest turnaround times possible, so if you’re on a rush deadline, we recommend digital labels. If your label design is particularly complex, or your container is small and requires a super fine printing technique, digital labels are likely the best solution.

It’s possible and cost-effective to print multiple variations of digital labels within one print run. So, if you’re running a promotion or testing markets with small quantities of multiple label designs or wording, we recommend digital labels. You’ll save the setup costs of having multiple plates made in other printing methods.

Our digital label printing capabilities

At Resource Label Group, we can rapidly and cost-effectively print any digital label. Using variable date printing, we can change text, graphics and images from one printed piece to the next — without slowing down the printing process. We can print on paper, film, foil and nearly any label material, so you get complete customization. Our web-fed digital presses can rapidly print any color combination and design, and we have a full library of cost-reducing cutting dies so we can print nearly any shape label. If we don’t have the die you need, we can custom-make one to your specifications.

Complete customization and personal service

At Resource Label Group, we have the label design expertise and printing capabilities to create any look on your digital label. We can add a wide variety of customizations, including:

  • Foil stamping, which gives your label a premium feel
  • Embossing to create decorative highlights and texture
  • Specialty laminate and varnish label finishes in a variety of matte and gloss looks
  • Screen printing and a textured, tactile feel
  • And much, much more

Our experienced team is here to help you in your selection of a printing method, label materials and visual customizations. No matter what your brand or the complexities of your order, we’ll creatively assist you from start to finish to help you achieve the label you want. We’re here 24-7 to solve any printing problems, and we offer a wide range of value-added services to make the label process easy.

Digital label printing

At Resource Label Group, we use the latest digital label printing technology and techniques.

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