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Smooth peel labels

Smooth peel labels wrap around a variety of containers and can increase label space by 200 percent. Smooth peel labels unroll while still adhering to the package and can be resealed. These labels are useful for marketing to multilingual customers, adding custom branding to your labels, running promotions and packing regulatory or compliance information onto your product — all without hurting the base branding of your label.

Our smooth peel label capabilities

We provide three types of smooth peel labels:

  • Smooth-peel 2-ply
  • Smooth-peel extended ply
  • Smooth-peel wrap

Our 2-ply labels can have a hinge on any side, making for a highly versatile construction that works with just about any product. They offer up to four pages of art, so you get a fully customized label with extensive information.

Extended-ply labels are commonly used for small labels that have more than four pages of content. We can custom print them to your specifications. We provide four-color process on the inside panels, so we can create almost any color with spot-on quality.

Wrap smooth peel labels are specially designed for cylindrical containers and add space for art.

Smooth peel labels

We offer two main types of peel free labels: dry release labels and circle coupon labels. Dry release labels are a great, cost-effective option for large print runs and they:

  • Can have a hinge
  • Provide up to three pages of art
  • Can use up to five colors.

Circle coupons are the most cost-effective option for smaller print runs. We can:

  • Provide two pages of art
  • Incorporate up to seven colors
  • Deliver them in a pre-laminated, clear release film

To see examples of how brands in different markets take advantage of smooth peel labels, check out this article.

Stand out from the crowd

Sometimes, you want to do something a little different with your labels. We can help you make it happen. Smooth peel labels are great options that allow you to add that extra functionality to your label. We provide full-service consultation to help you select the best label design and materials for your products, budget and brand.