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Shrink sleeves, done right

If you’ve noticed an uptick in full-coverage labels, you’re right on-trend. Shrink sleeves serve up a perfect fit for any container. Though a versatile solution for many consumer products, avoiding common pitfalls like distortion or tearing requires a label provider you can trust.

Resource Label Group has produced thousands of heat shrink sleeves for beer, pet sprays, detergents and more. But we don’t just print labels. We’re an expert full-service partner who strives to elevate your brand, cut costs and help your labels arrive on time. This process starts with listening to your needs.

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You can expect:

  • Advice tailored to your needs — Rely on our extensive label design expertise
  • Sleeves that arrive when expected — Coast-to-coast network that curbs shipping issues
  • Cost-saving recommendations — Save up to 20% through production-focused design

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Engineered for form and function in any sector

Full-body shrink sleeves offer far more versatility than common pressure-sensitive labels:

  • 360-degree design — Get 150% additional real estate to enhance your brand with more story, bigger graphics or custom embellishments on your can or bottle.
  • Increased performance and protection — Because we print art inside of the sleeve, the material itself protects your brand from moisture, friction and chemical exposure.
  • Tamper proofing — Extend the label over your container’s cap to protect your consumers and your product— and we’ll test multiple configurations and materials to find the right solution for you.

Shrink your lead times

If you’re missing crucial retail deadlines due to label delays, you need a solution now.  

Resource Label Group works with you to understand your brand’s unique requirements — then leverages our vast industry expertise to find every option possible for meeting your deadlines.

This includes:

  • Broad stockrooms — Scanning across our 20+ locations for the materials you need
  • Long-term forecasting — Outlining future label demands for the year ahead to secure your place first in line for upcoming material needs
  • Staying organized — Getting your labels printed, staged and shipped on time with our vendor-managed inventory (VMI) program

With Resource Label Group, you’ll never worry about label lead times again.

Cost varies — but you’ve got options

You’ll need a custom consultation to accurately estimate shrink sleeve costs, but these factors affect the per-label price:

  • Material selection — When choosing between PETG, PVC, OPS and PLA shrink sleeves, it comes down to price and shrink needs. Learn more here.
  • Container shape — Shrink sleeves can conform to anything, but it’s easier to engineer sleeves for generic containers. Greater complexity requires more engineering, driving up costs.
  • Digital vs. flexo printing — For large runs, flexographic shrink sleeve labels are cost-effective. Go digital for short runs or for VDP customizations.
  • Embellishments — They increase per-label costs, but cold foil stamping, custom finishes and UV metallic inks can also differentiate your product from competitors.

EASESENTIALS ensures perfection and peace of mind

Our label manufacturing process contains every quality control step you expect, from site audits to pre-press — but we’ve made this process even easier with EASESENTIALS™.

This menu of remote capabilities features four key solutions designed to save you the cost and coordination of travel without sacrificing quality.

Our goal? Perfection: no distortions, no split seals and even shrink, every time.

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