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Premiumization — Superior Labels for Superior Products

Premiumization is about bridging the gap between luxury and the mass market. The goal is to emphasize the quality of your product compared to competitors.

Can materials, embellishments and design upscale your labels and packaging? Discover why premiumization has caught on — and how Resource Label Group can elevate your products with premium packaging and labeling.

A Focus on Quality

A premium approach to labels and packaging can increase focus on high-quality craftsmanship and materials and exclusivity. The way to communicate this premium attitude and value is through presentation.

The Growth of Labeling and Packaging Premiumization

Consumer preferences have undergone a significant shift in recent years. This premiumization trend emphasizes superior quality and attractive packaging.

Rather than trying to solve a new problem or pain point, premiumization performs the same function as low-cost counterparts but makes the customer think and feel they are getting more value. At Resource Label Group, we have the expertise to make your superior products more appealing and relatable so they stand out on the shelf.


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How can you entice customers who have been tightening their belts?

Businesses have had to get creative with their products. A recent neuromarketing study shows that uncoated, tactile materials more strongly activate a sense of authenticity, price value and being “premium” over coated, flat materials.

Let Resource Label Group think outside the box to re-energize your brand with innovative, high-quality, affordable packaging.

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Convenience is Key

Premiumization in labeling and packaging is an area in which product developers can shine and think outside the box with requirements.

For example, Resource Label Group has utilized advances in existing packaging formats to make premium products stand apart not just in appearance but also in convenience.

Existing packaging formats that can benefit from premiumization include:

  • Pouches
  • Reusable zippers
  • Easy-to-break-down boxes
  • Varnishes, UV coatings and laminates

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Embellishment Techniques

Premium embellishment techniques can be combined in the same label to create tactile effects that convey high-end value.

Premium embellishment techniques can be combined in the same label to create tactile effects that convey high-end value.

Premium embellishment techniques can be combined in the same label to create tactile effects that convey high-end value.

Embellishment types include:

  • Embossing and debossing
  • Foil stamping
  • Custom die cuts
  • Varnishes, UV coatings and laminates
  • Custom screen prints
  • Specialty inks

Reaching Your Sustainability Goals

Many CPG brands have set packaging sustainability goals for the next decade. Unfortunately, reaching a recyclability goal can often mean a complete packaging overhaul.

Resource Label Group wants to help you make that goal possible. We create and promote eco-friendly labeling and packaging solutions that put your sustainability goals into action.

But we don’t sacrifice tailored, customized options that capture the spirit that makes your brand so singular. We’ll set your label apart with market insight and research mastery to translate trends into reality for your brand with our array of capabilities.

Resource Label Group is Your Premiumization Label Partner

We’ll help you achieve a premium look for your products — from ideation to manufacturing to the store shelf. Contact Resource Label Group about focusing on label and packaging premiumization to enhance your brand and bottom line.