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Peel-and-reseal labels

Versatile resealable labels add space when brands need more real estate to share critical information or tell a richer story.

Working with us

Reveal more info with a label that can be opened and closed

Develop the best label application for your brand and product with the help of our label solution experts. Our extended content labeling solutions foster well-informed customers across various industries.

Use resealable labels to provide essential product or regulatory information, or tell a story customers won’t want to miss, even with limited space.

Full-color premium prints

Seals open and close without degradation

Multi-lingual optimization


Additional label space, with a convenient resealable closure

Peel-and-reseal labels provide additional space to include more regulatory, product or promotional information than traditional labels allow. These booklets can be opened and closed repeatedly with several folding/closing options available for practically any container.

Access the capabilities of a national label provider with the care and attention of a local partner. We’ve mastered the label solutions making waves in your industry and will work with you to find the perfect fit for your brand.

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