Instant Redeemable Coupon Labels
Catch Customers &
Drive Sales with
On-Package Coupons.

IRC Labels

IRC labels provide a truly unique opportunity to connect with your customers and drive sales. Good IRC labels help you stand out on store shelves as shoppers look for deals they can use right then and there.

IRC label applications and challenges

IRC labels are a great tool to drive special, on-package promotions and reach a targeted geographic area, test a new market or highlight seasonal goods. They do create a labeling challenge sometimes though, as they can mean smaller print runs, shorter lead times on your printing process and special features in your label. In addition, retailers will often have specific sizing requirements that coupons must meet, including proper space for barcodes. And if you operate in a regulated industry, such as food production, you may need to incorporate a lot of content in a small area.

Making IRC labels possible and profitable

With our national reach and full-scale printing capabilities, we’ll maximize the impact of your coupon and help you increase sales. We’re experienced in printing IRC labels to meet regulatory and retailer requirements too. We test all coupon codes to ensure they are scannable and in the correct format for retailers. From the beginning of the label process to the finish, we provide local service and are there with you to ensure you get exactly the right label for your brand and budget.

Variations of IRCs

In addition to traditional IRCs, we can manufacture specialized versions called IRC+ Booklet and folding instant redeemable coupons. Both options are meant to maximize promotional information and branding.

  • IRC+ Booklet – Combining an instant redeemable coupon with an extended content label has resulted a multi-layered approach to coupon promotions. The top ply peels away as an IRC while underneath, is a resealable booklet with coupons for later redemption. What would normally take two different coupon products that would hinder the packages branding, are now combined into one compact promotional label.
  • Folding IRC – This instant redeemable coupon variation enables brands to include more information than a front and back, found on common IRCs, by adding pages through folds. They utilize the same amount of real estate on the package but provide the flexibility to provide extra information into a compact area.