Screen Print Labels
Precise Detail.
Vibrant Color Intensity.
Stunning Text Clarity.

Screen print labels

Screen or rotary screen print labels are a flexible way to help many products come to life on the shelves. Screen printing is a technique that involves applying a mesh pattern to a product surface, then pressing or pumping ink through the mesh openings and onto the product to produce the image.

Common applications of screen print labels

You can find screen print labels on a wide variety of packaging, OEM products and bottles. Many brands, particularly those with glass bottled products, use them to create a stunning, no-label look.

Why screen print labels?

Screen print labels provide a number of great advantages that make for dynamic labels. They’re highly durable, even outdoors, with no bubbling or peeling. And they’re moisture-resistant, so they make a natural fit for beverage labels. Screen print labels provide a high degree of area coverage with precise detail and strong color intensity. Providing crystal clear text definition, they can work in conjunction with a range of inks, screenable adhesives, glitters, chrome and even backlit products. With screen print labels, textured and tactile labels are possible — even braille labels. If you need a cost-effective way to create a unique, no-label look, consider screen print labels.

We help you find the best fit

Screen print labels are great for bottles and a broad range of packaging. But they’re only one of our many label capabilities. Whether you need a stunning look, short lead times, large SKUs or a completely unique label, we make it possible. With full-cycle service from estimation to delivery, we ensure you get the right design, material, adhesive and label — on your budget and in your time frame.