Tactile labels
A Finish You Can Feel.

Tactile labels

We deliver tactile labels through rotary screen printing, a process where a substrate, such as film, foil or paper is moved through a series of rollers that apply layers of designs.

Uses of tactile labels

Textured and tactile labels allow your customers to interact with your product in a unique way. If you want them to feel and grip specific elements, tactile labels make it possible. From a design standpoint, they can create a clear visual focus for shoppers’ eyes as they scan your product for information. Tactile labels are commonly used to meet certain regulatory requirements and help the blind and visually impaired.

Tactile label design and materials

Tactile labels work with a broad range of materials and finishes, making it possible to put that perfect touch on your products. From estimation to delivery, we’ll be right there with you through every step of the label design and printing process. Our full-service team can provide custom, professional label design and the right materials that bring your vision to life. With locations throughout the U.S. and in Canada, we offer all the efficiencies of a full-scale national reach and deliver them with a local touch.