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Get the Best Shrink Sleeves on the Shelf

RLG's experts blend product engineering with advanced decorative techniques.

Product engineering meets advanced decorative techniques.

Want a bold, form-fitting shrink sleeve label to stand out against competitors on store shelves? How about one that’s sustainable, too?

Partner with Resource Label Group at the forefront of sustainable packaging. Our experts blend product engineering with your creative design so you lead your segment in shelf appeal.


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A proven provider of shrink sleeves

Get the best results by working with an experienced shrink sleeve provider like Resource Label Group. We know the value of each process step — and can guide you the whole way.

We start with a 3D scan of your container to design a sleeve that fits it like a glove. This initial scan also identifies problems before they become costly errors.

Bissell uses RLG shrink sleeves for its line of carpet treatment sprays. The 360-degree branding space leaves lots of room for product benefits – and pictures of cute pups.
Pet products and PET shrink sleeves: Bissell carpet cleaning sprays use Resource Label Group shrink sleeves. The 360-degree branding space leaves lots of room for product benefits – and pictures of cute pups.

Shrink Sleeves vs. Pressure-Sensitive Labels

Formed for function, shrink sleeves have a number of advantages over pressure-sensitive labels:

  • More room for branding, thanks to the 360-degree surface
  • No adhesives or liners needed, making them easier to recycle
  • Flexible enough to fit around any shape of package
  • Label printed on the inside delivers greater durability
  • Better security with tamper-evident seals that extend up the neck of the container
  • Waterproof quality perfects labels for moist or humid environments
  • Require less lead time than pressure-sensitive labels
  • More sustainable options
  • More cost-effective over time
  • Reduced packaging costs by buying the same color containers and using sleeves to simulate different colors

The Crown Jewel of Sustainable Packaging

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) sleeve film is actually a more eco-friendly material than paper liners.

PET sleeves, combined with washable ink on a PET container, make for a truly circular plastic solution. This crown jewel of sustainable sleeve options meets the recommendations of the Association of Plastics Recyclers.

While you may consume a little more film going the shrink sleeve route, you’re also bypassing adhesives and liners. You end up with less packaging in the end, which lowers transportation costs and occupies a smaller footprint in warehouses.

Your Shrink Sleeve Supply Network

When you work with Resource Label Group, you can benefit from our:

  • Broad operating network with redundant supply
  • Centralized supply chain and customer service operations
  • 1,000+ of years of collective experience
  • A proven portfolio of nationally recognized work
Get completely custom shrink sleeves with Resource Label Group.

Shrink Your Labeling Challenge Down to Size

Resource Label Group has eight different sites capable of producing shrink sleeves. Find one near you!

LithoFlexo Grafics
Salt Lake City, UT

Resource Label
Cerritos, CA

McDowell Label
Dallas, TX

Deco Packaging USA
Chicago, IL

Pamco Label
Chicago, IL

Resource Label
Franklin, TN

Gintzler International
Buffalo, NY

RLG Canada
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

North American map showing reach of Resource Label Group
Shrink Sleeve
Shrink Sleeve
Shrink Sleeve
Shrink Sleeve

National Reach.

Local Touch.®

Resource Label Group is backed by a national network with more than 25 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.  This means we can get the materials you need at a competitive price. And you get the customer service you’d expect from a local printer you’ve been dealing with for years.

Plus, if one of our locations hasn’t tackled your particular labeling challenge, odds are, another has. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Instead, tap into the knowledge base we’ve already built and get your project off the ground faster.

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