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Designing a compliant, eye-catching label

Custom syringe label printing

An innovative producer serving the agricultural, industrial and consumer markets with customized products and solutions sought out Resource Label Group for an uncommon label. They were preparing to launch an innovative, specialty syringe used by exterminators. But they needed the right label that would support the functionality of the syringe.

The challenge

Our client produced an extermination product that came in a functional syringe. The syringe used ounce markings to help exterminators measure the correct dosing. The challenge? The syringe was subject to rigorous FDA regulations. It’s the kind of product that must come with extensive information, warnings and product-use guidelines. Typically, brands must print a separate information packet to include in the syringe packaging, adding extensive costs.

To reduce those costs, our client hoped to eliminate the extra printout, opting to place all product information on the syringe itself. But to maintain the syringe’s functionality, the ounce marks still had to remain visible so exterminators could use proper dosing. This was a major label design challenge, and one that a less capable label manufacturer was unable to solve.

Finding a solution and delivering results

At Resource Label Group, our experienced team produces many extended content labels to solve on-package space problems. So we were ready for the challenge when the syringe label called for an exceptional solution. We designed and printed an innovative label wrap using carefully designed clear windows to let users see the syringe ounce markings. The wrap provided enough space to include all regulatory and product-use information while maintaining the product’s core functionality. With no additional printout required, our solution significantly reduced printing costs for our client.

Bring us your toughest label challenges

At Resource Label Group, we make it our mission to solve your toughest label challenges and deliver you a well-branded, eye-catching label on your budget and schedule. For label solutions from a dedicated, experienced team, click here or call 1-888-526-8177.

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