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Pesticide label printing

One of the most trusted lawn and garden product manufacturers came to us for help with their labels. They produce a whole line of pesticides and plant foods to protect yards and gardens. With customers ranging from homeowners to trade professionals and master gardeners, our client takes pride in providing not only pesticides, but also reliability and peace of mind. Given their high quality standards and the trust they cultivate, they place truly exceptional labels on many of their products. But the costs can get prohibitive.

The challenge

The client’s brand had gained market-wide popularity and trust as a line of quality, reliable pesticides. With an embossed, metallic appearance and a unique shape, their product labels made a strong first impression on customers. Our client’s previous label supplier insisted on using a proprietary solution to create the label, resulting in high costs. So this leading lawn and garden manufacturer turned to us to help them achieve a similar appearance with a less costly label.

Finding a solution and delivering results

Pulling from our extensive library of label die cuts and custom printing capabilities, we designed and printed a label that preserved the impact of the on-product branding. Because we could deliver the labels without a proprietary solution, we saved our client a considerable sum on each print run. Our team’s expertise in label manufacturing, combined with our nearly unlimited printing capabilities allowed us to provide our client with a lasting solution.

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