Resources » BottleVin enters second year supporting NFC-enabled wines for Reynolds Family Winery and Bricoleur Vineyards

BottleVin enters second year supporting NFC-enabled wines for Reynolds Family Winery and Bricoleur Vineyards

BottleVin Enters Second Year Supporting NFC-Enabled Wines For Reynolds Family Winery And Bricoleur Vineyards

With support from Resource Label Group companies Cellotape Smart Products & premier wine label converter Landmark Label, digital software pioneer and mobile experience developer BottleVin expanded on their unique customer experience.

Startup’s “smart” bottle platform, utilizing a mix of NFC, QR and image recognition technologies, allows vintners to connect with customers with a simple tap or scan of a smartphone.

Santa Clara, California – BottleVin, a Silicon Valley-based, venture backed startup that developed the first smart bottle marketing and analytics platform centric for wine, spirits and beer producers, announced today the second year launch of NFC enabled bottling with its first client, Napa Valley-based Reynold’s Family Winery.

BottleVin introduced the first NFC-enabled (near-field communication) bottles last July 2018 with Reynolds in a pilot program, and is entering the second year of bottling with both NFC and unique QR labels. Bricoleur Vineyards, in Windsor, California also joined BottleVin’s pilot program in 2018 with NFC enabled bottles, and the startup recently expanded to Washington by signing an agreement with Balboa Winery in the Walla Walla region.

“BottleVin partnered with Landmark Label/Cellotape, a Resource Label Group company, to create the NFC labels for its smart packaging platform.”

“BottleVin offers an extraordinary marketing opportunity,” said Steve Reynolds, founder and owner of Reynolds Family Winery. “If you were to just see our wines on a crowded store shelf, you wouldn’t immediately know our story. But thanks to BottleVin, with just a tap, the bottle becomes the storyteller – easily making our next customer an expert on Reynolds wines and our brand. The depth of product information we can deliver at that moment is far beyond what a label offers. We are proud to be one of BottleVin’s first partners and look forward to expanding our successful partnership in the coming years.”

“We created BottleVin because we saw an opportunity to blend the world of wine with technology, connecting producers directly to their customers in a meaningful and authentic way,” said Paul Salcedo, co-founder and CEO of BottleVin. “Our platform lets producers easily engage customers via NFC, QR and image recognition technologies, while better understanding their market to increase sales. We are thrilled with the reception of the platform and the incredible interest we’ve received, with more wineries and spirits manufacturers expected to come on board as they embrace our ability to adapt and scale with producers of all sizes.”

Selecting a wine has largely become a mobile experience – with a majority of consumers not researching online at a desktop before entering a store or restaurant. BottleVin’s platform turns bottles into IoT devices, providing an unprecedented ability for producers to easily reach customers wherever they are engaging with wine; from stores to restaurants, or backyard gatherings. The marketing and analytics platform provides producers real-time control over their brand message and product information to keep it fresh and relevant, while delivering actionable market insights. A BottleVin-connected product is ready to share content for achieving any branding, awareness or loyalty goal.

Current BottleVin features include the ability to:

  • Make your bottle the storyteller – all over the world
  • Deliver on-demand product information when and where it’s needed – always current and relevant
  • Maintain a one-on-one relationship between brand and customer without interference from competitors or crowd-sourced opinion
  • Significantly increase conversions through meaningful customer interaction
  • Provide real-time analytics to reveal successful marketing strategies and maximize ROI
  • Extend the customer relationship and strengthen brand loyalty by delivering rich, relevant content and promotions based on accurate behavioral metrics
  • Realize better ROI and reduced costs in marketing collateral
  • Give producers control over their brand messaging with captive customer engagement – via digital content including images, videos, and dynamic promotions

BottleVin partnered with Landmark Label/Cellotape, a Resource Label Group company, to create the NFC labels for its smart packaging platform. “We are thrilled to have partnered with BottleVin, an innovative platform exclusively designed for the wine and spirits industry,” said Nick Testanero, president of Cellotape Smart Products. “As a premier label provider, our smart label solutions allow BottleVin to offer marketing, analytics, and product authenticity while creating a customized and dynamic technology-driven customer experience with just a tap of the bottle.” BottleVin’s technology is on 200,000+ bottles of wine now, and soon to be featured at the Metropolitan Grill in Seattle on their house Cabernet Sauvignon (vinted by Balboa Winery); on Reynolds Family Winery wines at upcoming select dinners, including Foxcroft Wine Co. in Greenville, South Carolina; at the Surf Club in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina and at the Wine Rack in South Port, North Carolina; in addition to its clients’ tasting rooms and various stores and restaurants.

About BottleVin

BottleVin was launched in 2018 in Silicon Valley by two wine and food aficionados, Paul Salcedo and Jason Driver. The venture-backed startup is revolutionizing how producers can authentically connect with their customers – wherever they are. Increasing brand loyalty and sales through its smart technology that enables a bottle to be an IoT device, capable of delivering product and brand messaging as well as analytics. The app can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play Store and is currently available for their pilot program partners Reynolds Family Winery, Balboa Winery and Bricoleur Vineyards brands indicated by the BottleVin VinTag logo. For more information, visit

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