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SITE AUDIT: Facility visits without the visit

Just as we test drive cars before buying, many businesses want peace of mind from site visits before signing contracts with label suppliers.

With SITE AUDIT™, prospective Resource Label Group customers can use video conferencing to explore our facilities remotely. This means minimal disruption to your business operations while checking off necessary plant visits and tours.

Site Audit is the fourth component of our EASESENTIALS suite, which accelerates the traditional label ordering process with simple online tools.

Say goodbye to costly travel and schedule coordination. You can now conduct site audits from anywhere  — as long as you have a screen and an internet connection.

And for customers who still prefer in-person visits, we are happy to accommodate. Whatever your technological preferences, our service and sales teams are on standby to offer support and guidance.

An immersive tour experience

With Resource Label Group, what you see is what you get. Site Audit shows you everything.

You care about quality — and so do we. With several ISO 9001:2015-certified locations, our customer-focused approach produces your labels at the highest standards of manufacturing efficiency. And we are eager to share every aspect of our capabilities.

As the embodiment of our “National Reach, Local Touch” promise, Site Audit enables a prestige experience no matter your location.

Just as real-life visits begin at the door, we start by mounting a high-definition camera to a dolly at the exterior of your chosen label printing facility. Once inside, we’ll transition from the lobby to the conference room, where your RLG account management team awaits. This is an opportunity to personalize your session according to your concerns — whether it’s digital finishing capabilities or determining the plant’s ability to scale to complete your orders.

Next, the camera follows your hypothetical label’s physical journey. It starts with the customer service department, where orders are initiated. From there, it flows into pre-press, where design teams finalize artwork. After, you’ll visit the production floor itself to review our machines and equipment.

Throughout the tour, your designated sales representative will accompany you, answering any questions as they arise.

Site Audit ends at our staging and shipping area. Here, you can survey the site’s quality control and ability to handle your planned volume. This is the final touchpoint of your label’s engineering process.

The flexibility you didn’t know you needed

During the traditional label ordering and production process, customers typically developed a relationship with one particular printing site.

But the reality of today’s global economy means that capacity can change. To maintain our commitment to on-time production and shipping, we exercise our powerful national reach by completing orders at other locations within the Resource Label Group network.

These alternative sites share the same production values as the location you know best. An added benefit of Site Audit is that we can also use this technology in-house to ensure uniform quality control and production standards at every location. Our operators can communicate from every corner of the country to troubleshoot, train and ensure best-practices for a premium customer experience.

Whether your order is processed by our Utah branch in Utah or our Tennessee location, your labels are consistent every time.

That’s just our motto in action: National Reach, Local Touch.

Transparency for every step of your process

Site Audit provides an integrative, safe and secure experience no matter where you are, whether that’s next door or three time zones away. Our goal is to help you build confidence in the capabilities of Resource Label Group.

When it comes to contemporary label production, you don’t just need a traditional label printer — but a modern, collaborative label partner.

Site audits have long-been an offline activity. But with Resource Label Group, the future doesn’t have to be analog.

Ready to make your label ordering process easy? Contact us today.