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Nutraceutical labeling handbook

North American supplement suppliers need to be more conscious than ever about their product branding. The shelf is already crowded and it’s getting more packed by the day. And when your label is quite possibly the only touchpoint you’ll have with your customer, not only should you take its design seriously — you can’t afford not to.

This guide helps nutraceutical brands navigate the ever-changing competitive landscape, offering value-added labeling ideas that’ll make your product stand out on a crowded shelf.

You’ll learn:

  • Your options for customizing a nutraceutical label that’ll catch the eye of your target demographic.
  • Why traceability is more important than ever — and how labeling technology can help.
  • A quick overview of regulatory basics for dietary supplement labels.
  • Strategies for maximizing branding real estate on your label.
  • Tamper-evident labeling solutions that enhance security and enable authentication.

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