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Four-color process labels

Resource Label Group has extensive experience producing high-quality four-color process labels in countless shapes and sizes for our clients. Utilizing the finest state-of-the-art equipment available in flexographic printing, digital offset printing and digital prepress proofing, We can meet or exceed every expectation for all of your four-color process self-adhesive labels.

Additional spot colors can be printed, up to a maximum of 10 colors. Color accuracy and consistency are key to quality four-color process printing and that’s where Resource Label Group rises above the rest. You can rest assured that we will produce color-accurate, high-quality, full-color labels for you time after time. Accurate color reproduction is critical to representing your brand packaging year after year.

Four-color printing and beyond

We also have the unique ability to expand offset-quality four-color process printing with IndiChrome process, which expands the CMYK color gamut by adding violet, orange and green. Why use just four when you can add three more? Quality, custom, and challenging label projects are our specialty.

Our clients utilize four color process labels for wine and beverage labels, cosmetic labels, health and beauty labels, e-liquid labels, promotional labels, static cling window labels and bumper stickers. Your imagination sets the limit for how many options you can utilize with our four-color process labels.

Resource Label Group can meet all of your four-color process label needs with countless materials, laminates, label treatments and design options. Four color process labels can be delivered on rolls for hand or auto application, or in sheets.

We can produce your labels on nearly any material including paper, foil, vinyl or film with the appropriate adhesive to meet your unique application. We always protect our labels with a clear film over-laminate or a topcoat varnish to protect your graphics and create a water-resistant label that lasts.

You can also take advantage of our short to medium-run HP digital offset printing capabilities for your label packaging with multiple SKUs. Add foil stamping or embossing to your existing label to make a statement or enhance your design. Of course, our knowledgeable customer service staff can guide you through the many options available to set you apart from your competition.

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