Resources » RFID beyond retail: Diverse industry applications

RFID beyond retail: Diverse industry applications

RFID Industry Applications

While retail is a dominant player in radio frequency identification (RFID) applications, the reach of the technology extends further. Companies that operate within sectors that have stringent regulatory oversight depend on RFID to remain in compliance with requirements.

How can you choose the right RFIDs and implement them within your own business practices? Read “Navigating RFID Solutions for Retail Products” to see how collaborating with an experienced label partner on different RFID industry applications can be just the solution you need.

The broad spectrum of RFID: More than just retail

Several sectors use RFID to track and manage their assets. These major industries include:

  • Cannabis
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Airlines
  • Automotive

Companies in these sectors are reaping the benefits of RFID, highlighting its diverse applicability. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is also leaning towards RFID. Starting in 2024, labels will be mandated on certain medical devices and biologics (such as Botox and Drugs used to treat autoimmune disorders and cancer).

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Resource Label Group develops unique security and tracking solutions for multiple industries and can partner with you to utilize this technology for a variety of RFID industry applications. Read “Navigating RFID Solutions for Retail Products” for more on how to utilize this valuable inventory tracking tool to improve your supply chain management in any industry.

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