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Deciphering smart labels: RFID vs. NFC


Radio frequency identification (RFID) and NFC (near field communication) are both types of smart labels that can be used to track assets. Which form of label would be best for your products?

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Two facets of smart labeling

While both RFID and NFC are categorized as smart labels, their functionality and use cases differ.

RFID labels stand out in scenarios requiring distant scans, enabling batch scanning and one-directional communication. They’re also better for logistical purposes.

By comparison, NFCs are better for short-range use. These labels are ideal for cases when users want to interact with the label and access additional content with their smartphone. For example, your credit card contains a RFID chip that allows you to pay by tapping it against the reader.

Choosing the right smart label for your products

Choosing between these depends on multiple factors — adherence, durability, environmental conditions and intended use. Ensuring the right match is crucial for effective tracking and product management.

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