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The future of recyclable label release liners

Recyclable Label Release Liner

Think about all the products you buy. Everything has a label on it. All of those labels had a backing or release liner, which was removed when the label was adhered to its product. You can imagine that adds up to a lot of waste.

Traditionally, label release liners weren’t recyclable but fortunately, that is changing in a big way.

What prevents label release liner recyclability

The release liner is a base substrate that is generally constructed from unprocessed raw materials such as supercalendered (SC) paper, glassine or Virgin PET resin. The silicone coating, however, can contain impurities such as filmic and adhesive materials, and foreign plastics. This can be a barrier to recyclability.

Release liners are very complex. While the adhesive stays on the label surface that will stick to the product, the liner coating provides release properties so the label and liner can separate easily. The silicone liner coating cannot be removed and cannot be processed at most recycling facilities.

Label release liners often end up incinerated, in landfills or washed away into the ocean.

Enviroliner — The industry-first recyclable label release liner

Resource Label Group’s RLGreen sustainability team has a solution called Enviroliner. This 100%-recyclable release liner is an industry first that eliminates the need for a heavy layer of silicone.

There are numerous benefits to Enviroliner, including:

  • Made with 100% post-consumer recycled paper (PCW)
  • Can be recycled again after use
  • Eco-friendly without sacrificing quality or performance

Resource Label Group companies work to reduce carbon emissions in every way, and the waste reduction benefits of Enviroliner are one more example of that mission.

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