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Shrink sleeve application 

More space, more protection and tamper-evident options.

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We guide you through the shrink sleeve planning and production process from start to finish. You’ll get hands-on service from label experts to ensure your brand only uses optimal designs and materials. We’ll find a way to meet tight budget and schedule goals while fostering consumer interest in your products.

Tamper-evident packaging ensures product safety

More space for branding and regulatory information

Tough labels resist abrasion, moisture and chemicals


Applications for shrink sleeve packaging

Shrink sleeves generally increase your label surface by 150% over traditional pressure-sensitive labels for a mere 25% larger investment. Use the additional space to tell your brand story, include regulatory information or expand your artwork. Extend the sleeve over the bottle cap so you don’t need to pay for drop-band closures or other costly tamper-evident options. Sleeves work with lighter bottles, which reduces the cost and weight of your total packaging system.

These flexible labels are common in many markets because they can be applied to plastic, glass or metal containers. Packaging buyers know the upfront cost of shrink sleeves is justified by the value they provide to their product’s packaging. Here are a couple potential applications for shrink sleeve packaging:

Tamper-evident shrink sleeve packaging

Built-in tamper evidence makes sleeves especially popular for food and beverage labels, particularly juices, energy drinks and alcoholic beverages. They’ve also proven to be a great option for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals where tamper protection is crucial.

More space on packaging for branding and regulatory information

The expanded label surface makes it easy to comply with regulations while maintaining optimal shelf appeal. Update text and graphics between print runs for new promotions or unplanned changes. Sleeves are easily removed so you can reuse or recycle containers.

Abrasion, moisture and product resistance

Shrink sleeves’ highly durable materials are ideal for cleaning and other household products. Sleeves can withstand moisture, friction and high temperatures. Although shrink sleeves often require more in upfront material cost, our customers find that enhanced shelf appeal is worth the initial investment.


What to look for in a shrink sleeve manufacturer

Shrink sleeve manufacturing is one of the most complex processes in the label industry. Look for an experienced shrink sleeve manufacturer that has produced sleeves for a variety of container shapes. It takes an expert to select the right material for your container’s shape, modify brand graphics to prevent shrink distortion during pre-press and walk you through the latest security and authenticity options.

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