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Shrink sleeve graphic process 

Heat shrinking provides the perfect fit every time with full-coverage graphic labels that take the shape of any container.

Working with us

Expertise counts when the packaging process is complex

Shrink sleeves are complicated. A lot can go wrong if you don’t know how to make them properly. Don’t risk your brand’s reputation with distorted shrink sleeve labels. Partner with a shrink sleeves provider with exceptional service and proven reliability.

Avoid distortion with heat-shrink modeling 

Manage art across product lines

House designs in one place


Choosing the right labeling partner for your shrink sleeves

Shrink distortion is a common challenge when designing labels for uniquely shaped bottles. This complex process requires a high level of precision and expertise.

How to avoid shrink distortion

Our 360-degree labels are designed with 3D modeling software that predicts how the film will shrink as it forms around the container. Label graphics will take their desired shape as the film shrinks around your containers.

Manage art files for all product lines

We store and manage all your art files for every product line in one convenient place. We constantly help customers make their labels last longer, ship better and store more efficiently.

Partners in planning for fluctuating inventory needs

Get your labels exactly when you need them. Partner with a label manufacturer that values your brand and is prepared with labels in stock, regardless of season or demand fluctuations.


Explore more capabilities

Our premium labeling capabilities include shrink sleeves for bottles and uniquely shaped containers. We tackle any labeling challenge for various industries throughout North America with a proven record of providing high-quality custom labels. Talk with our team of label experts to learn more about customizing shrink sleeves. Together, we’ll tailor a design that aligns with your vision to create labels that are the perfect fit.

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Hone your edge over the competition by working with the most efficient label providers in the business. Resource Label Group’s locations throughout the U.S. and Canada provide the capabilities and reach you’d expect from a national company, with the dedication and touch of a local partner.