Spirit labels
Bold, eye-catching,
durable and versatile.
Custom spirit liquor labels

Spirit labels

Spirit labels, for many distillers, are just as important as the carefully crafted product inside. Today’s consumers have an abundance of choice, and today’s spirit brands face an unequalled level of shelf competition. The right label can differentiate your brand to create a lasting impression with your customer.

A quality spirit label

Whether you want a vintage look, a minimalist boldness or original illustrations, today’s label technologies can accommodate nearly any design approach. Some design strategies include:

  • Unique, creative bottle shapes that capture attention
  • Transparent labels that create a minimalist or no-label look to show off the contents of your bottle
  • Label materials that change color with temperature fluctuations
  • Highly decorative, glimmering label elements
  • Labels that create a tactile experience with textured paper materials

Our custom spirits label solutions and capabilities

We provide extensive label capabilities to turn any design into reality. Our full library of die cuts allows us to inexpensively print labels for any shape bottle, and our complete selection of label materials allows us to create any look.

We can print labels on:

  • Traditional papers
  • Premium estate papers and textured papers
  • Clear, white or metallic films
  • Water-resistant materials
  • Recycled materials
  • Metallic foil labels in gold, silver or other colors

And we can custom order unique materials for your spirit label too. We can cost-effectively incorporate nearly any look on your label with our robust selection of decorative elements, including:

We provide full-scale flexographic printing to economically print the largest orders and precise digital labels for small and mid-size orders. Digital labels afford not only the finest detail and most crisp type, but also the availability of variable data printing (VDP). Using VDP, we can alter vintage dates, alcohol percentages and varietal names within the same print run without incurring extra cost. You can print different text or images on each label for special campaigns or promotions and add consecutive numbering or even personalization, with names, dates and more.

Depending on your product, your label may face refrigerated environments, humidity and temperature fluctuation. You’ll need a label with the right face stock materials, inks, adhesives and finishes to survive your product’s environments. We help you select just the right material solutions for your label.

Spirit label requirements

In addition to capturing customer attention, spirits labels must include a number of required elements, as they are subject to 27 CFR Section 5 regulations. Information is available from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB).

Labels for pre-made cocktail cans and bottles

We will also assist brands with navigating the label challenges associated with specialty products including pre-mixed cocktails, gourmet cocktail mixers and alcohol-free spirits. Whether your brand’s product is in a single-serve can, a pouch or a standard 750-mL bottle, we can fit you with the right label. 

We know TTB approval is especially tough for ready-to-drink cocktails — and, although compliance ultimately rests on your shoulders, we can assist you through the process with our wealth of experience working with specialty spirits brands like yours.

We guide you through the process

At Resource Label Group, we’ve helped brands from coast to coast develop eye-catching spirits labels. We offer custom label design services to help you create the right look, or if you work with a third party designer, we ensure all designs meet printing standards. When it comes time for production, we help you select just the right label materials for your design, budget and bottle. Our experienced team will help you through any order complexities and ensure you meet your key bottling dates and specific application requirements. You’ll receive the highest quality label and the best service.